would you date me(girls only)

hi my real name is brian and im 14 years old. ive been single for 3 years. that is because my ex girlfriend dumped me for my cousin. take this quiz to find out if you will be my new girlfriend.

oh and by the way i really would like it if one of you was a cute girl taking this quiz. if you are a boy then get the hell out. cute girls i hope you get good results

Created by: Deeznutz101
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok first question. how old are you.
  2. what would you think if you saw me in person
  3. what is you fav orite color
  4. are you a boy or a girl. be honest because if you are a boy then get the hell out.
  5. what do you think i would do during the school week if you were sick.
  6. what state do you live in
  7. do you like playing video games.(does not effect score
  8. what do you look like(not fat look i mean face look)
  9. can i get lots of comments
  10. what would you rate this quiz
  11. bye

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