Would you be worthy to fight zombies by my side?

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This is a quiz to test your skills to fight by my side in the impending zombie invasion. You will be tested on many broad feilds of combat.(Just kiddin, the quiz is under 20 questions long)

Will you beat the rest and be my fellow zombie fighting rambo, or will you fall victum to the zombies and eventually to my M60, Sally? Take this quiz and find out, good luck out there soldier.

Created by: pyrowolf

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  1. Have you ever played Left 4 Dead 1 or 2?
  2. Do you watch zombie movies of all kinds? (EX. Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil)
  3. Would you consider yourself ready to kill zombified people that you know and love? (Be honest or ull die in the first couple of days after firsr infection)
  4. Do you have acess to any firearms, military knives, swords, or steel melee weapons?
  5. Were do you live?
  6. Have you ever read any books or articles on zombie survival?
  7. wat is the gun that you would pick to fight zombies?
  8. Where is the only proven spot that will kill a zombie?
  9. Do you know how to make homemade explosives?
  10. What is a Molotov Cocktail?
  11. What vehicle should our team have to travel in?
  12. What is Napalm?
  13. Can you personally make napalm?
  14. Do you think that you could fight at my side?
  15. Hey, i know you hear this on EVERY FREAKIN quiz, but plz rate and comment, it helps me know if i shuld make any more quizes, will ya?

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