Would you be popular in my school?

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Hello, this quiz is just for fun and about if you went to my school would you be popular. this is all just a joke about my school and your school might be different than mine.

I hope you have a fun time taking this quiz because I took a long time making it for you. Have a good time taking this very time consuming quiz! <3

Created by: HELLo

  1. You absolutely LOVE Starbucks and go there often with your friends
  2. You gon shopping at the mall at least once a month
  3. Your parents don't really care how much money you spend.
  4. You always wear brand names on everything and would be caught dead without it
  5. You shop at Hollister, Aeropostale, American eagle, Under Armor and Nike
  6. If you chose None for question number five, what do you shop the most at for clothes
  7. What brand backpack do you have
  8. Who are you nice to?
  9. Are you shy to talk to guys?
  10. What music do you like
  11. You own at least one pair of shoes from these shoe brands Nike, Converse, Under Armor, Adidas, Crocs(only white crocs count and they have to be the original ones)
  12. You are very social and talk to anyone who will listen about random things
  13. You do care about brands and will wear things from Walmart and stores like that because it doesn't matter about the brand only the quality
  14. Everyone says you are lucky but you don't know why because you are humble
  15. You are dating someone or you like someone and they like you back

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