How popular are you at school

Have you been dying to know if you are popular? Well, the wait is over! take this quiz to find out how popular you are! Are you popular in your group or school?

Are YOU popular? Do you want to find out? In just a few minutes, you can! Are you exited?Are you?Are you?Are you are you are you are you?! You should be!

Created by: Destiny

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Somebody calls you a bad name. You know its true but you dont want to admit it. You:
  2. Are you nice or mean
  3. If you see somebody getting bullied what do you do?
  4. No offense, just answer honestly: Are you vain, mean, nice, or lonely?
  5. How popular are your friends
  6. How many people know you. Do they like you
  7. Do you play any sports
  8. How much makeup do you own.What brand?
  10. Do you have a BF,GF, or a gay best friend? Dont take it badly. I have a GBF.

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Quiz topic: How popular am I at school