Would you be a good musher?

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Being a musher is hard work. Most think it is cruel and pointless, but that is wrong. It is fun and a good way to exercise your doggies. Singing to Adele and racing my sisters is my fav activity.

Soo if you think that you know a lot about sledding, try this quiz. I'm not boastful, but i think its pretty good. Hopfully ya'll think so to. Have fun!

Created by: Fun9user9

  1. What does "HIKE" mean?
  2. What does "ON BY!" mean?
  3. Which command to your dogs would you call if there is a fork in the path. You want them to go left:
  4. Which means "GO TO THE RIGHT"?
  5. If a musher says that he had to "PEDAL", what do you think he meant?
  6. A sled dog named ______ helped save the town of Nome, Alaska from a deadly diphtheria outbreak in 1925
  7. Where does the Iditarod start?
  8. Is this true or false: There are not two paths that the mushers take. There is only one path every year.
  9. How many dogs do the mushers USUALLY use?
  10. What DAY does the Iditarod start?
  11. When can a husky or other dog start training?
  12. Bonus: Who was the winner of the 2019 of Iditarod?

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