would you and Crying child be friends?

Hello and welcome to the quiz, I made this quiz for no reason other than I was bored and had nothing to do, but non the less I really hope you like it.

Just in case you don't know who Crying Child is he is one of William Afton's sons from fnaf 4, he also goes by BV/C.C because he doesn't have a canon name yet and I would like to say that this is before he dies, also in this AU he is 5 but that is not canon it's just based off of his height.

Created by: Bug
  1. Say hello please
  2. small talk
  3. how would you react to him crying?
  4. What would you fed him?
  5. what toy would get him?
  6. head pats
  7. Do you want to be his friends
  8. favorite afton?
  9. reason you are taking this quiz?
  10. say good bye to him

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