would i date you (girls only)

there are many girls. but are you one of them that i would date? what is a girl i would date? a girl i would date is my opinion so your gonna have to take this quiz to find out!

are YOU one of the girls i would date? (probaly because i like girls)unless your ugly (in my opinion dont take that offensive!) (enter text here)

Created by: smashbrosmaster229

  1. how old are you? (i'm 13)
  2. how tall are you (i'm 5"2)
  3. how long is your hair?
  4. how fat/skinny are you? (no offense here and plz tell the truth)
  5. whats your hair color? (1)
  6. whats your hair color? (2)
  7. whats your hair style?
  8. do you have braces/headgear?
  9. do you have moles/pimples?
  10. if your a boy/lesbian leave this quiz now!!!!!
  11. did you like this quiz (no effect)
  12. will you rate and comment (no effect)

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