would I date you (boys only)

Have you been wandering a round looking for that perfect girl well in a few minutes that question could be answered are you y perfect man I hope so a nd if you get my 100%then post it in comments

Don't send harsh comments this is y second quiz my first one is called just another vampire quiz I hope that you like my quiz it sure did take forever to make it

Created by: Raven11
  1. R u funny
  2. R u tall
  3. What r u doing right now
  4. Favorite subject
  5. Favorite sport
  6. Pick an author
  7. What are you wearing to the movie
  8. In school you are...
  9. Favorite day of the week
  10. Favorite color
  11. Canyoureadthisidontthonkyoucanittakesasmartpersontoreadthis
  12. Important question do you like lizards
  13. Will you rate
  14. Will you comment

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