Would I Date You?

Created by: Bridget

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Date People Often?
  2. When You Like Someone But They Don't Like You Do You Keep Telling Them You Love Them And Want To Date Them?
  3. If You Like Someone But They Are Dating Someone Else Will You Try And Break Them Up?
  4. What's Your Orientation?
  5. What Is Your Relationship Status?
  6. What Attracts You To Someone?
  7. What Grade Are You In?
  8. Do You Like Sports?
  9. When You See Someone That Looks, let's Say "Good" Do You Want To Date Them?
  10. Do You Like Music? If So, What Kinds/Bands?
  11. Have You Had Sex? If Not, How Do You Want Your First Time To Be? If So, How Was It?

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