would i date u?

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guy or gurl or u know other ig, idc what ur gender id i'm into all. so take this quiz to find out if i would date u idk lol. um but yh just take this.

idk i saw someone do this n i wanted to do this n if u havent made a quiz before u basically have to write in this box about ur quiz n id know what to write so yh.

Created by: Mary Jane 69
  1. what's ur gender
  2. do u smoke pot
  3. how old r u
  4. whats ur idea of a perfect date
  5. u walk in on me crying what do u do
  6. how often will u text me
  7. r u the dom or sub
  8. what is more important to u in a relationship
  9. r u aggressive
  10. r u ok with me having the opposite/same gender as a friend
  11. what have ur past relationships look liked
  12. what is more important
  13. what do u notice when u meet a person first
  14. whats ur body count (btw idc wat it is)
  15. will u get mad is i wear a revelling top
  16. do u have mommy issues
  17. would u do something illegal with me
  18. would u lie to the police to save me
  19. if i asked u to pack ur stuff and hop on a train/plain with me n go somewhere we have never been would u
  20. how many kids do u want
  21. pick a movie

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