would i bite you.....again

well you died meet new people and did things well now its over and you can pick if you want to live again or stay a hst and do cool things find out right here and i hope you enjoy it

are you ready(you:yes im ready) do you like being a ghost(you: maybe) are you really really ready(you: YES IM REALLY REALLY READY) bye bye for now(you:whatever)

Created by: fufe123

  1. (last time) you was following the preson that could see you in the woods is that right?
  2. so you follow them in and they stop in front of a tree you ask yourself why they stop when you see the tree opening ito a hide out you see then go in and then
  3. you watch them go down you follow right behine befor the door closes when you reach the bottle of the steps you see (the preson that can see you) talking to some guy when you see....
  4. when you see your body you are really happy and want to just jump in side but you just staywhere you are then (the preson that can see you) put your body on a table and then...
  5. they look over to you and say come on its time you move over to the and look at you body on the table
  6. "what do you want to do? stay a ghost or come back to life?" they ask you you start to think and choose
  7. THE END! did you like it
  8. will you rate
  9. will you comment
  10. byee

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