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This quiz has some questions about coutries and continents its part one of a series I'm going to do if you want me to concentrate on a certain country or continent just ask in the comments.

Hope you do well and please tell your friends and hope they don't do better than you there will be a 2nd installment eventually. Any suggestions go in the comments thank you.

Created by: SN1P3RL4ZY

  1. Which country is also a continent?
  2. Djibouti is found on which continent?
  3. Lesotho is completely surrounded by another country name that country.
  4. Largest country in the world?
  5. Which african country is best known for its ancient history?
  6. Which country is known for its modern day pirates?
  7. The amazon is found on which continent?
  8. Which country is between norway and finland?
  9. Ecuador is bordered by which country to the south?
  10. Portugal is bordered by which country?
  11. Which country is known as the home of anime?
  12. The tasmanian devil is found mostly in which country?
  13. U.S.A is boredered by which country to the south?

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