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Hi! This is my second anouncement! I also have one in these paragraphs! So please read! Thank you and I hope you enjoy my qotes. So I hope you like my anouncments and comment if you please!

To take any of my quizes cause it could be out and not show on the new quiz list so just go to my profile to find any new quizs any time cause I have a couple of quizes that no one takes cause it doesn't show on the new quiz list.

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. Hi! This is my second anouncment! Okay first off! 4 Boys and so many Possibilities part 4 and 5 are out. It wont show up on the new quiz list though
  2. Okay second anouncement! (New series I have made) 1 New series that I made. Its call Life in Cocoon. Its based off of a video game called Final Fantasy. Tke it if you will. But it might be a little confusing in the first 2! Part three explains more!
  3. Also part 11 pf love at seas is out.......and thats about it!
  4. Also! TAKE Beautiful Secrets! Please and tell others to take it too!
  5. Also that one new series Love bites is a good series! You should try it out!
  6. Now qotes!
  7. When a friend crys thats the time when you show your true friend ship if you are there to comfort them or not.
  8. Even after death those who you love will always be there. Not in just your heart. But in your soul......
  9. Miricles can happen even if they are not caused by God or a angel. We ourselves are a miricle. And a miricle can make another miricle. So we all can make a miricle.
  10. There is no such thing as impossible........

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