Wolf Quiz - NOTs and CANs

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Welcome to my quiz! Today you will learn some wolf facts hope you pass! The only wolf experts may pass, so you will find out if you are one today! (I hope you are, we'll see)

This will be about "WOLF CANS AND NOTS"! Try hard, and most importantly, just try lol...…..Yes! YOU BETTER SURVIVE AGAINST THE WOLVESS (I'm so aggressive)

Created by: Athena

  1. What would a wolf NOT hunt?
  2. Where can a wolf NOT live?
  3. What noise can wolves NOT make?
  4. CAN wolves sneeze?
  5. CAN wolves communicate with humans
  6. Wolves CAN take down a bear being LONE
  7. Wolves CAN have packs more than 7. Choose....
  8. Wolves can NOT brush there teeth.
  9. Wolves CAN eat.
  10. Wolves ARE scared of humans.

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