Wolf Pup Simulator

There are many wolves in this den. You feel warm. You open your eyes and see a large she-wolf looking down at you. "Hello Featherswift" she says. The medicine wolf is sitting outside,

You walk outside of the den and go talk to her. She is very nice and would love to give you her knowledge about herbs like orange berry and red berries.

Created by: Kaky

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  1. Will you help Blueberry gather herbs
  2. Thistles wants to hunt, will you go with him?
  3. Robin tail runs over to you before saying "Wolves are at the border!"
  4. The wolves begin to attack you. You try to do the battle move called:
  5. The Wolf Is Injured But THEN Runs At You AND Bites Your neck AND lifts You into The air. You choose to
  6. You manage to get up and run away. the Wolf sees Robintail and goes over to him
  7. The Wolf bites Robintail so hard he faints. He might have died from blood loss because his breathing stopped. The wolves leave. But one comes at you
  8. The Wolf hears a loud noise and runs, the other wolves run too. You decide to go
  9. Regardless of your answer you head over to check out the noise and see a human with a gun. He turns over to you and aims,
  10. You try to run away from them. But they shoot you and you keep going

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