Wizards of Waverly Place quiz!

There are some people in the world that love t.v shows. This test is Wizards of Waverly Place. See if you know this test. There are many episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Have you ever watched Wizards of Waverly Place??? Do you know about it? Until now you could only wonder... Unless you take this quiz. In a few minutes you'll find out if you take my quiz.

Created by: Abbey

  1. What is Alex Russo's REAL name?
  2. How many parts were there in Wizard Apartment 13B?
  3. What's the name of the school that Alex, Justin, and Max go to?
  4. Who is Alex's BEST friend?
  5. What state does Alex's family live in?
  6. What does Alex's dad LOVE?
  7. Who in Alex's family has NOT exposed wizardry?
  8. Who is the farthest in wizard training?
  9. How many people are in Alex's family?
  10. What was the episode called where Harpor found out that Alex, Max, and Justin are wizards?
  11. In the episode where Alex duplicates Harpor, how does Harpor react?

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