Witch vampire are you in diabolik lovers

Every wondered who you are out of diabolik lovers we'll try this quiz and see what happens. .

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Created by: Miesha Hartley
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  1. Your next class is a subject you don't like so you...
  2. You get a detention for not doing you homework what do you do?
  3. You can smell blood and it's coming from the maths office when you Check it out you find your mother drinking one of your friends blood so you...
  4. When somebody's after you what do u do?
  5. Fave sentence?
  6. Fave anime
  7. Finish the sentence I remember in third grade people treated me like a criminal because I ______
  8. Do you like this quiz
  9. Now listen closely....when your teacher says something you say
  10. Did you blink
  11. Did you blink

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Quiz topic: Witch vampire am I in diabolik lovers