witch sith lord are you ?

Everybody feels hate. But not like a sith.Asith donth feel only hate bot anger fear suffering.Not a little bit of goodnes.He serves the dark side.Are like tath if you think its so thake this quiz finaly you will now at witch of your heros you like most

Are you a sith.Witch sith are you.Do you want to rule the galaxy or serve the emperor. Or do you only dream about it and dont have the time to do it? Thanks to this quiz you will now it

Created by: darth lead

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you cut use the force what will you do with it ?
  2. wath will you be ?
  3. who is your favorite caracter
  4. if your apprendic will trait you you will forgif him ?
  5. witch character do you hate?
  6. why you want an empire?
  7. why you want to be a sith and not a jedi?
  8. do you feel a lot or hate ?
  9. who os your favorite female carachter?
  10. if you cut be a star wars let said beast what will you be

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Quiz topic: Witch sith lord am I ?