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This is a fun love story that I wrote in my free time and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it the story is about your first time at Jade Mountain Academy and you are a rainwing named meadow and your journey throughout.

The story took 4 days to write I had some help from one of my friends and we both had a lot of fun writing this quiz and we both hope that you really enjoy it. Bye.

Created by: Darkstars
  1. It is your first day at Jade Mountain Academy. By the way your a Rainwing named Meadow. You see a Nightwing who has silver scales that look like tears on the sides of her eyes. She told you that you were in the silver winglet. You walked inside felling scared.
  2. When you get to your dorm when you get there you see a Seawing with a scroll when you walk in she looks up and says “hi I’m Emerald who are you.” You and her are good friends by the end of your talk. Then a Skywing walked in and said that her name was Robin she said goodbye because she was going on a fight with her friends.
  3. In the morning you wake up to your friends all getting ready as you walk out you bump into another Rainwing “hey” but when he looks up he looks then back down and runs off with out another word well goodbye
  4. When you get to your first class there is a Sandwing you lock eyes with him and he grunts and moves on then a Mudwing comes over and said “encore Drought I’m Rockslide by the way.” “I’m Meadow.” We part ways
  5. Our class was picked to go on a field trip to the waterfall and wall you were there you saw some other dragons that you hadn’t seen yet the Skywing named Finch and a Icewing named Avalanche, a Seawing named Sponge, and a Nightwing named Silverwings
  6. When we left I heard someone say my name I turned to find Avalanche right there “I have to tell you something you are...” he stoped because Finch came out of nowhere and said are “you messing with my girl” he waved and said see you later
  7. At the dorm you and Emerald part as she walks over to her pile of seaweed and you to your hammock and dream about...
  8. In the morning you get up and walk out of your dorm room and you see Vine when you wave he once again runs off well bye
  9. You and Emerald And I go to library and wall she it talking to Starflight you see sponge in the corner reading you go over to see what he is doing when you got there he looked up but then back down trying to look as small as possible. I
  10. You walk over and asks what he is reading and he said something about Darkstalker
  11. You and sponge said see you later. What do you do next
  12. When you get back you hadn’t seen Silverwings in a wile when you ask Emerald and she has no clue who that you are talking about how strange is that you go around and it seems like everyone has forgotten who he was!
  13. In the morning you head back to the music room and when you get closer you hear the sounds of laughter and instruments when you walk in you Avalanche and his friends playing and laughing all together
  14. Avalanche notices you and stops and walks over to you and said I just wanted to finish what I was saying earlier you are the most beautiful dragon in the world you to part ways.
  15. After that encounter you go to the art room and find guess who painting? Drought is and he was really good and when you get closer you realize that he is painting you flying you walk out of the room felling a little happy and confused he was so grumpy but he seemed to be nicer than you thought.
  16. You get hungry and decide to go get something to eat when you get there Rockslide comes out of nowhere and give you a pig and you and him start talking and he tells you about his siblings that he misses you and Rockslide say goodbye
  17. When you get to your dorm you see Vine at the doorway waiting for you you walk up to him and he jumps and said something that you could barely make out I think that you are amazing and I’m sorry that I haven’t had the courage to tell you that. That’s ok see you later
  18. You wake up to Silverwings standing at your doorway you walk over to him and he says fallow me you scurry along behind him and wondering where he is going when he stops you almost run into him he slows his pace and completely stops
  19. Suddenly you are grabbed by strong talons
  20. The room is dark and it takes your eyes a minute to august to the darkness around you when you finally can see okay all that you can see are two shapes they’re talking they look over at you when you stand and try to see them better
  21. When one of them speaks it sends a chill down your spine and you try not to be scared but no help at all your terrified of what they are going to do to you.
  22. Why is she here one of them said he turned and you realized that it was Lifetaker from gold winglet you shiver at the sound of his name but the one you realize was Silverwings said because boss wants her to be continued

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