Wings Of Fire What Dragon Are You Quiz

Have you ever wished what wings of fire character you are. Well now you can find out! Good luck on you joronyand remember you facts! I hope your having a good day!

You can be, Clay of the MudWings, Thorn of the SandWings, Tsunami of the SeaWings, Peril of the SkyWings, Glory of the RainWings, Winter of the IceWings and Starflight of the NightWings!

Created by: Moomoo

  1. What is your fav thing to do?
  2. If you got teleported into Wings Of Fire, what tribe would you be in?
  3. Whats you fav colour
  4. What sister would you like to be SandWing queen?
  5. What is you fav out of all these queens?
  6. Whats you fav song?
  7. What is you fav animal?
  8. Where out of these places would you live?
  9. What do like like to do in your free time?
  10. What colour are you eyes?

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