Wings Of Fire SOL Test

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Created by: EmmaL1nd

  1. How many dragonets of destiny are there
  2. how do you know if a seawing is royal
  3. which plant did swordtail get eaten by
  4. Who was Perils mom
  5. Which hive did the leafwings burn down first
  6. webs was riptieds dad
  7. how did the mudwing find the summer palace
  8. what is the mudwings name in the false dragonet prophacy called
  9. who did the nightwings want to be sandwing queen
  10. what tribe did blaze side with
  11. which sister had a stronghold in the sand kingdom
  12. what was on the outside of that stronghold
  13. who built the summer palace
  14. who is blaze,burns,and blisters mother
  15. what killed queen oasis
  16. what was the name of the assassin that tried to kill blaze
  17. what was killing all of the heirs to the throne at the seawing palace
  18. how come the nightwings did not have special powers any more
  19. did you like this quiz

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