Wings of Fire Quiz For Book 1

I hope you can do this quiz!!! Not many have been able to get 100%! can you be the first??? Try it out to see!!! (Please do! I spent a lot of work on it)

Wings of Fire is a great series for young, Middle grade kids who love dragons. I made this quiz for people who have loved this series a lot and love dragons. Take this quiz!!!

Created by: Clay-Mudwing
  1. Who Killed Hvitur in the prolouge?
  2. 2 out of the three guardians hate Glory, what do Kestrel and Dune call her?
  3. Where does Starflight assume the Caves they live in are?
  4. Who did scarlet let Starflight fight with?
  5. Who wen't with clay to meet his siblings?
  6. Who was the first dragon the Dragonets saw die?
  7. Who was killed in the Epilouge?
  8. Who is the author of these books?
  9. Who is the main Protagonist?
  10. The Title Page shows a picture, who is it?
  11. how does Queen Scarlet find the dragonets cave?
  12. Just a last question, how would you rate this quiz?

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