Wing of Fire Trivia

This is a Wings of fire trivia quiz. Easy questions if you read the series. Nothing can stop you unless you haven't read the series. The name of the series is Wings of fire.

So, now that you have gotten some advice get started. I recommend that you don't rage, quit or cry. This is a quiz so it doesn't matter in your life. Unless your being tested. Now begin.

Created by: Meme Meme

  1. Which Characters is the main Characters of the 6 book?
  2. How many dream visitors are there?
  3. How many dragnets of destiny are there?
  4. What is the name of the queen of the hive wings?
  5. Who made the Jade Mountain prophecy?
  6. What continent is Blue from?
  7. Who is giving Moon Watcher messages through her head in book 6?
  8. Who became the Sandwing queen?
  9. What tribe is Queen Wasp from?
  10. What killed Blister?

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