Will your favorite sports team make the playoffs?

This quiz is designed to see if your team will make the playoffs in the upcoming season or not. The results may not be 100% accurate, but it is fairly certain that your result is what will probably happen.

Don't get upset if you didn't get the result you were hoping for, though, because there is always still a chance that your favorite team will make the playoffs!

Created by: tony990
  1. First up (the classic question): ARE YOU A BANDWAGONER?
  2. Did your favorite team make the playoffs LAST year?
  3. What seed did your favorite team place last year?
  4. How many All-Stars does your team have (or if you're referring to your favorite European Football/Soccer team how many players playing in Copa America, Euro, the Olympics, World Cup, etc.)
  5. Has anybody on your team retired in the past offseason?
  6. Did your favorite team win the Championship last year?
  7. How far into the playoffs did your team go LAST year?
  8. Is your team favored to make the playoffs this upcoming season?
  9. Did your team get a high draft pick last year?
  10. Do you believe your team will make the playoffs? (Has no effect on the results)

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Quiz topic: Will Ir favorite sports team make the playoffs?