Will you have kids?

This quiz will test if you are ready to be a parent! There are 10 questions to determine if you are ready to be a parent or not. Whoever you are, if you are ready this I really hope you enjoy, and LOVE this quiz. Please rate it, and get started!

This quiz also contains a lot of serious questions, so please don't joke about them! Answer as fresh and truthfully as possible! Tell your friends to take this quiz with you! Can't wait for you to get started! I will not be logging back into this quiz, or remembering the password, so thank you and bye! My name is Kamila! Logging out now, bye!

Created by: Kami_The_Quizzer

  1. What are your thoughts when you see a kid?
  2. Why are kids so ____
  3. I just wanna ______ kids!
  4. What is your gender?
  5. What is your preference?
  6. Do you want to have a partner?
  7. Do you want to adopt or have kids? Or just not have any kids?
  8. Do you have somebody special to you that you want to have children with?
  9. What's your age? You have to be older than 10 to take this quiz!
  10. Did you ever think about having kids when you were little?

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Quiz topic: Will I have kids?