Will you have a Vampire Prom Date????

Prom is the best night of a girls life or should I say most FANGTASTIC night of a girls life.Most girls love vampires.But have they ever experinced a truly FANGTASTIC prom?

Note:This quiz was created by a real female vampire.So your quiz result will be true and very accurate.Hope you like the quiz.Trust me your not wasting your time.

Created by: WimpyKid1

  1. Which would u rather date
  2. R u a vampire
  3. do u belive in vampires
  4. will u rate or comment
  5. y r u taking my quiz
  6. do u like this test
  7. do boys thnk ur hot
  8. If u were a vampire and a nerdy kid walked up 2 u and asked u 2 prom what would u do
  9. what angers u
  10. classical music is cool

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Quiz topic: Will I have a Vampire Prom Date????