Will you ever marry?

Are you a total brat who does not want to be married or just a total rat with nk chance of getting married? Or maybe you will get married cause your a angel

Do you want to know if you will be without a ring forever? Or do you want to just wait and never know and die not knowing and be alone forever that is sad

Created by: Beverlyreagan

  1. First off do you even WANT to be married?
  2. If you picked no then why are you doing this quiz?
  3. Are in love?
  4. What kind of wife/husband would you be?
  5. What kind of wife/husband do you want
  6. Do you have a boy or girl friend?
  7. How long would you love him or her or do you think it might end in D I V O R C E
  8. Exuse me for asking but uh are you hot
  9. Um are you under 40
  10. Ummm i am sorry i am just kinda out of questions those last two were mean...
  11. Well bye

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Quiz topic: Will I ever marry?