Will you ever become famous?

Do you want to become famous? Many people do, they just have fears of acting and singing in front of people. Don't be embarrassed, I have the same problem. I love to sing, but I have stage fright.

Do you WANT to become famous? You can take this quiz, to see if you are made to be famous, or just need more time. Please, attempt to take the quiz, and see if you can become famous one day. Maybe when you ARE famous, I'll see you in a movie, or hear you on the radio!!

Created by: Emjay
  1. Do you have stage fright?
  2. Do you get embarrassed easily?
  3. Are you a good actor?
  4. Are you a good singer?
  5. If you act, from what do you act?
  6. If you sing, from what do you sing?
  7. Do you think you will become famous?
  8. Do you WANT to be famous?
  9. Did this quiz help you at all?
  10. *bonus question* Do you play on LEGO.com? If so, you may know me as ilovecole17.

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Quiz topic: Will I ever become famous?