will you die in 5 minutes

ever wonder when your going to die???? well, i can tell you if its going to be in five minutes!!! but first let me ask you something..ARE YOU AFRAID!!

hey you... you will die in 7 days!!!! well i cant tell you that, but i can tell you if you will die in five minutes!!!!!!look out! because someones always watching!

Created by: kevin

  1. do you fear death
  2. do you like to watch scary/horror movies
  3. if you will die in 5 minutes would you care
  4. your parents said they would be home in 20 minutes and in 5 you hear the door open.... what do you do
  5. your alone but you hear things. nobody is in the room. you hear footsteps coming to you...
  6. do you hear that..
  7. i hear footsteps....
  8. OMG!! AN ALIEN!!!
  9. just kidding
  10. please rate!

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Quiz topic: Will I die in 5 minutes