Will You Be Cool

Love you soooo much my friends are really nice and cool that's why I made this quiz and also my name is hanna have a glitter full day everyone I will never forget this moment.

I will have are good great love to love a beautiful have a nice weekend people because everyone needs a friend in life be nice to others.

Created by: melissa

  1. What kind of cloths do you where?
  2. What kind of shoe would you wear?
  3. What kind of phone would you get?
  4. What kind of hair style would you do?
  5. What would you put on your face?
  6. What type of dance will you choose?
  7. How would you walk?
  8. What will be you catch frase?
  9. What radeo will you listen?
  10. How would you talk?

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Quiz topic: Will I Be Cool