Will it be love?

Alright...you dont know whats happening in this part.BUT wat you do know is that you have been kidnapped by 4 cute guys.They have taken you to there mansion.But want you dont get is that why did they hit you with a plastic bat?

Alright there are 4 guys in this quiz:Jason,brown hair,active,and would love to hang out with you.Stebastian,the bad boy,blonde hair, and a rocker.Leonardo, he plays in the lacrosse team,but wat he's sorry is that he's the one that hit you.Stephan,well he is tall,purple eyes,black hair,and sometimes when youre not lookin he notices that you want to know him better.

Created by: Maria Garcia

  1. Your in your house reading.When suddenly you here a knock on your door.
  2. You open the door, and you see these guys on your porch?"What do you want?"you say.You see that one of the guys looks at the rest and nods at them.Suddenly,one of them knocks you out with what? Is that a baseball bat?you say to youself.
  3. You find yourself in a car."Where am I?"you say."In a car what do you think." says the guy with purple eyes.Then it comes back,everything that happened.You remember that some guys came to your house, and that one of them knocked you out with a plastic baseball bat.
  4. You guys finally stop and you see this big house.What is that?you say in your mind.When you get closer you see that its a mansion."WOW..."you whisper a little to loud that all the guys turn around.You finally see the guys faces.It feels like you have just fallin into heaven.One of them introduces themselves.
  5. "Sorry for what happened back there,my name is Jason.And the rest of us are goin to introduce ourselves right NOW."he says.Looking at the rest of the guys.The one with color changing eyes comes up."Hey...my name is Leonardo.But you can call me Leo."Then comes up the guy with blonde hair and these weird clothes."The name is Sebastian." he says with a nod of his head.
  6. Everyone is staring at the guy with purple eyes.Jason is looking at him.And it looks like he wants him to say his name.Suddenly,"Purple eyes" (thats what your calling him right since you dont his name)stands up.Looking down at his feet,is muttering something."We cant hear you." says Stebastian."My name is Stephan." And with that, he leaves the room.
  7. Whats gonna happen now?
  8. come back for part 2!!!
  9. okay these questions dont count okay?
  10. whats ur favorite color?mines black....

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