Will i end up rich or poor?

This quiz is for fun, its probably not accurate because i don't know you guys personally. Please don't take offense to any of the questions that are being asked.

I also asked if anyone has ever been suicidal, the question is not meant to hurt anyone or for anyone to take offense, i sincerely apologize if i have , much love ❤

Created by: alana

  1. are you sometimes seldom blue?
  2. do you have a positive perspective on life?
  3. have you ever been suicidal? (please don't take offense, if you do i apologize I'm not judging anyone, if you have been suicidal i hope you get through with whatever the issue is/was, thank you 💞 SPREAD LOVE! ps. its much needed around the world.)
  4. do you appreciate the world and its beauty?
  5. do you typically buy expensive clothes?
  6. are you spoiled?
  7. do you treat others nice?
  8. what job would you prefer to have?
  9. would you give a homeless person 100$ out of your 500$?
  10. would you rather be rich or famous for doing good things?

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