Will I Become Drum Major?

Wondering if you have a chance at becoming drum major? This quiz has questions about conducting skills, leadership skills, experience, and more. Take this quiz to find out.

If your band's drum majors use maces, this is not factored in this quiz because I am not familiar with it. However, it does have questions about leadership skills.

Created by: MusicNerd
  1. How many drum majors will be chosen?
  2. How many spots that will not be filled by returning drum majors are there?
  3. Can you conduct proficiently in 4/4, 3/4, and 2/4?
  4. How long have you been in marching band?
  5. Have you been drum major before?
  6. Is there someone in your section who could be section leader if you become drum major?
  7. What instrument do you play?
  8. Are you in the top band at your school?
  9. Have you been section leader?
  10. What class are you?
  11. Does your band director have favorites?
  12. How do your peers treat you?
  13. When do you arrive at practice?
  14. How good of a marcher are you?
  15. When do you leave practice?
  16. Are most of the people trying out a higher or lower grade than you?
  17. Do you make good grades?
  18. How often are you at school?
  19. How often are you at practice?
  20. Are you responsible?
  21. How well can you play your instrument? (Based off music level of difficulty)
  22. Can you conduct crescendos and decrescendos?
  23. How many types of cues can you do?
  24. How loudly do you yell when giving commands?
  25. Why do you want to be drum major?
  26. How many extracurricular activities do you have besides band? (During marching season)
  27. Do you have good time management?
  28. Are you a good leader?
  29. Can you drive?
  30. How often have you been in serious trouble with your band director?
  31. Was/is your sibling, parent, or close relative a drum major?
  32. Do you take drum major lessons?
  33. Have people said they think you should be drum major?
  34. Do you think you will be drum major this season?

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