Wild Heart of CT's Trail Guardian Quiz

Welcome to Wild Heart of CT�s Trail Guardian Quiz. This quiz is to assess how well you have retained the information from the training module. Your score will be sent to your volunteer representative once you are completed with the quiz.

The quiz outcome does not determine whether or not you are permitted to volunteer with us. Part of the quiz will help us determine how well the training modules are working for our volunteers. Good luck on the quiz!

Created by: Bradford J. Hyde
  1. Which one of the following is NOT an actual trail problem?
  2. True or False: Water is the foremost cause of Trail Problems.
  3. True or False: A well-designed trail will be easier to maintain.
  4. Generally the linear gradient of a trail should be less than:
  5. Which one of the following products should NOT be used when making a water bar?
  6. Proper Pruning practices state that the appropriate measurement for a clear trail are? (in Vertical x Horizontal format):
  7. True or False: Trail guardians should pick up trash and debris on trail.
  8. A deeply trenched trail can be restored by importing:
  9. True or False: As a Trail Guardian it is your responsibility to reroute trails.
  10. True or False: As a Trail Guardian you will be a visitor contact, thus researching and learning more about your trails are very important.

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