wich switchfoot song are you

there are alot of switchfoot songs that they have made over the past ten years. wich one are you? take this quiz to find out if youre a songt that will make you think or if i will make you blink!

are you a rockin song,a mellow song or a flat out normal spiritual lifter? figure it out by answering these question. hope you enjoyed this quiz and i know i have repeated my seldf alot in each para graph.

Created by: The Geek

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you were at a switchfoot concert what song would you want them to play
  2. what is youre pick of a guitar company?
  3. acoustic or electric?
  4. when you hear a song do you
  5. when at church(iff you religious) you find youre self thinkin about what during the sermon
  6. when you are happy are you thinking what?
  7. just for fun wich song do you want to be
  8. what is youre current mood
  9. describe youre room
  10. youre drink of choice is...

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Quiz topic: Wich switchfoot song am I