Wich good omens character are you?

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Are you waiting to role play good omens and need a test to tell you which character you should be?did you watch the show or read the book and are just

Dieing to know who you are?Did you like me see the preview and see David Tennent and because you had a giant crush on him start watching then actually watched the show and loved it then this is your quiz.!!!

Created by: Dragon 11

  1. What to wear???
  2. What to eat slash drink?
  3. Heaven or hell?
  4. How do you treat your car?
  5. Your loved one?
  6. Dad?
  7. Do you think your cool?
  8. Are you a snake?
  9. Black or white?
  10. Queen?

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Quiz topic: Wich good omens character am I?