wich character are you from eyeshield21?

paragraph 1: Eye Shield is about a boy, that run so fast that its unbeliving. eyeshield 21 is so funny when you meet the whole team, hiruma the devil, sena the real eyeshield, the hu hu brothers and so on. you`ll laught so you fall down from the sofa.

are you readdy to learn about the true genius, the moron, the moncky, the bully, the fat kindly boy, the fat low wierd boy and at last the major charakter sena Eyeshield21 the fastest running back in the world og cartoons.

Created by: santaclaus

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  1. hello there are you ready to rock??? then good luck finding the music room...
  2. wich hobby have you?
  3. Do you think mon mon(monta) is a monkey?
  4. there wouldnt be a real quiz without this question: what is your favorite collor???
  5. Who is eyeshield 21?
  6. are you sceard of Hiruma??
  7. if sena were an animal what would it be?
  8. who do you think you are gonna be??
  9. favorite fantasy animal??
  10. who do you think make this snoring??? ZzZzZzzZZzzZzzz

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Quiz topic: Wich character am I from eyeshield21?