Wich cardinals player are you?

Do you love baseball cause i do t!hat is why i made this quiz. So you could enjoy it so here is the most awsome cardinals quiz ever! Please though i am sorry i messed up on some of the spelling just trying to get done!So remember to pay close attention!

Do you know which cardinals player you are? Well if you dont you need to find to find out by taking this quiz! So please find out here and always remeber to tell your friends and rate this quiz plz plz plz plz

Created by: Nathaniel
  1. Do you love to rip it?
  2. Are you A good fielder?
  3. Which position do you play?
  4. What is your favorite music style?
  5. How many homeruns a game do you hit?
  6. whats your spot in the lineup?
  7. Have you played for any other teams?
  8. which one of these other teams players would you rather meet?
  9. Do you like to flash off your World Series and other rings
  10. how many years did u play as a kid

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Quiz topic: Wich cardinals player am I?