why does life hurts

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  1. Now you wake up from the same nightmare you've had in three months. Still frozen in fear of your family being burned right in front of you while your friends throats are being slitted behind you. You gaze at the door in front of you. You alarm rings 10 minutes later you don't want to go to school but you have to. After dressing and doing everything else you drive to school
  2. You park its December and cold you decided to go inside. You grab a yogurt and some cookies and sit at a table. Your friend Iwao sits right in front of you. It looks like he's been crying.
  3. "What's wrong Iwao. Are you OK?" You ask in a concerned tone "No I'm fine its OK _____." He answers back in a scratchy tone. You just stare at him until the bell rings he has math and you have science. (Note your in highschool) When its time for lunch you wait for your friends.
  4. You see Ryuu and Amia walking down thhe hallway holding hands looking in each others eyes. They have been dating for a week now and are deeply in love though Ryuu likes you aswell. You see Iwao walking behind them he still looks sad though
  5. Iwao loves you deeply but he doesnt want to date you it might ruin your twos friendship. You all eat and head to your next classes when school ends you go back home and just listen to music.
  6. The next couple of days is boring Iwao is not there for some reason. Which makes you a little bit sad and lonely Ryuu isn't drawing because he says that he is stressed with math (me: I am to I got a D in first semester)
  7. One day the police come in your class and calls you out for a second he asks if you have seen Iwao who has been missing from school for over a month already you answer o you haven't heard from him that he doesn't own a phone then police then asks you if you know anyone else that knows Iwao you answer just Amia and Ryuu there in the second and first door on your left
  8. You find out that Ryuu has been cutting himself you try to stop him but when you do he cuts even more Amia has been worried and been crying over Ryuu as well. Your friends are falling apart
  9. Who do you care for most
  10. You get a call from the police who want you as a suspect because...

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