Who would YOU be in a group of Adventurers?

Which type of person would you be in a group of adventurers? Out of these, who are you most like? (ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BY WHAT YOU THINK YOU WOULD DO)

I hope you enjoy this quiz because I spent like three hours making it (not even exaggerating). It was pretty fun to make up a story and an adventure! Please comment which adventurer you get and rate!

Created by: Sauron

  1. “Welcome, welcome...” A raspy voice utters. You blink and look around....you are inside a tiny, fire lit tavern, filled with all sorts of interesting characters. A waiter stands before you, awaiting your order.
  2. You have just been hired for a mysterious job. You stand next to the cart while people load several locked chests full of who knows what inside. Your job is to protect them on their way to a big city to the east. The sun is setting and turning the sky purple, the wind is slightly chilly, you shift the bag over your shoulder.
  3. You open your eyes to another day on the road. A few days ago your company was attacked by a whole group of horseman and archers, whose aim was your cargo. After that, almost everyone quit. Now there are only five people left to take the chests to Farvlocke, and split the payment...
  4. In the distance you can just barely see the city Farvlocke, sitting atop a hill, surrounded with clouds. You cry out "There it is!" and point it out for your companions.
  5. The cart hits the rock with it's bad wheel, and falls. The horses go crazy and start to buck as they run in vain from the cart sprawling sideways and crashing down the hill. The guide is thrown sideways into the swamp, and the driver is lost in the wreckage.
  6. The company is almost stranded in the swampland. The cart barely functions, and will only carry less than half of the cargo. Several people are injured, but you guys pluck up the energy to walk... The fourth night you reach the city, and a kind innkeeper gives the company rooms.
  7. The day has come to deliver the mysterious chests to their owner. The company stops in the corner of a market square. You squint around, looking for the arrival of the employer...but are instead greeted by a horde of menacing people gathering around.
  8. The company splits up to defend the chests. Two head off with the cart and three follow behind them. Almost all are surrounded by a dozen robbers,
  9. The plan works! The cart is led to the jail, which is crawling with knights. The robbers are quickly overtaken and thrown conveniently into jail. The company sighs with relief... and rests from their endeavors.
  10. The city is a little miffed at you all for bringing in so many robbers, but still more happy they were put away. You are thrown a feast at the Mayor's estate. Halfway through the meal, an old man with a long white beard and long blue robes enters. "Did you have a good trip?" He grins. "It seems robbers really wanted my cookbook collection. Who knew?" This statement is followed by a shocked silence from you and your company.
  11. Alright I think we are almost all through here- oh wait, did you wanna know what happens? Ok....well you get paid in full on gold, and Barnabus disappears before your eyes in a poof of blue smoke. The End!
  12. One last question. Pick two words to describe yourself.

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