Who's In Control In Your Relationship?

In every relationship, one is controling and the other is the b*tch. Its true, both positions are equally fun to play, but for every couple, it's relevant that they decide which one lights their fire.

So who is the one who gets spanked when they're naughty? You or your partner? When we made this quiz we asked people first. In other words, take this quiz to get about 400 people's opinions on where YOU stand.

Created by: Jess

  1. Which one of you usually initiates the make-out sessions?
  2. Who usually submits to who?
  3. Who Do You Think Is In Control?
  4. When Your partner is yelling at you, you:
  5. You are laying on your bed, watching a scary movie, which one of you is most likely to comfort the other?
  6. Do you "tease" your partner, or do they "tease" you?
  7. When you and your partner are roleplaying, who gets tied up?
  8. Your partner is talking about getting into a fight with someone that's been bothering them. You:
  9. Word got out about something bad your partner did. Immediately, you:
  10. When you're saying "goodnight", who is the first one to say "I love you"?
  11. Which One Of Ya Has The Jealousy Problem?
  12. Your partner admits they've been looking at po*n online. What do you do?
  13. Does your partner cut down on doing things you specifically tell them not to do?

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Quiz topic: Who's In Control In my Relationship?