Who's Hudson Rogue's Biggest Fan?

We often can judge identify those who care about us most by how well they know. There are those that love and me and can prove it through passing a short quiz about me. The majority of the answers can be found on my blog. Other answers would come from past conversations with my parents.

The question is . . . how well do you know me? I'm not asking you to prove your love to me, but rather to express it through quantity . . . a percentage. In return I will list those 100% love-me's on my blog for all to see. And for those of you who come in second place, don't feel bad. Remember what the Navy Seals say, "second place is first loser!"

Created by: Hudson

  1. On what date was I born?
  2. How much did I weight at birth?
  3. What name did my parents select to name me before deciding on Hudson Rogue?
  4. What is my favorite song?
  5. What did my Uncle Jeff give me for Christmas?
  6. What are the names of my two dogs?
  7. What hobby does my daddy want to share with me?
  8. Who came from NY to spend my first Thanksgiving with me?
  9. Who was the first relative at birth to meet me?
  10. Who did I ambush at BWI airport?
  11. Where do I go to daycare?
  12. On what date EPT announce my imminent arrival?
  13. My daddy asked for help to make my mobile from origami (fill in the blank).
  14. What do my parents put me inside of to carry me around?
  15. My absolute favorite food is (fill in the blank).

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