Who R U From Gravity Falls?

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Only true fan who have at least HERD of The Owl House, Amphibia, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Wings of Fire allowed. Watch all episodes, TWICE and don't say I'm crazy! These are my rules and you WILL follow them!

Ok, now to be less harsh and express my inner Mabel! You are soo pretty! (Or handsome I guess) and I think this quiz will be chaotic because ⚠ MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS BILL⚠

Created by: Sunbeam
  1. Okay so if your a true f4n u will understand th1s quiz's: wadda u th! Nk about wyrd?
  2. If u had the jurnl wot would you do?
  3. In another dimension?
  4. Boiling Isles?
  5. What is your dream?
  6. Ok choose a f4nd0m.
  7. Choose a book
  8. Favourite breakfast? (I'm running out of questions)
  9. Song?
  10. Last one, personality?

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