Who of the warrior cat 3 are you??

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In this quiz you will find out who of the 3 are you??? I counted Holly leaf btw :))) I Hope you enjoy! Please tell others and quiz your friends to find out what warrior cat are they?

All you have to do is press your answers and find out what cat you are. Percentages is not based off of who is the best LOL!!! Now Time to get started!!!

Created by: Foxlight

  1. You are a clan cat in battle and see your crush, Thunderstrike, lunging for your leader. You...
  2. You get a dream from star clan, but dont know what to do... you...
  3. A cat jumps from the bushes and pins you down. You...
  4. What color fur would you want if you Where a cat
  5. What gender are you???
  6. Eye color???
  7. What rank??
  8. What super power???
  9. What disability
  10. What clan is your fav??

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Quiz topic: Who of the warrior cat 3 am I??