Who made do know about the Arizona Cardinals

This quiz well test at the hardest scale half of nfl don't know this you show them who is boss now we are people you will learn about your results are they bad?

Are the genius this quiz has been looking for a decade you be a normal Joe normal Peale can do amazing things In a blink you will get the results and do mate all the football know it alls

Created by: Matt
  1. Did Kurt Warner play for the Arizona Cardinals?
  2. Where was Cardinals originally play
  3. What is the the best Cardinal record
  4. Where is the Arizona Cardinals location (Not training)
  5. Who is there other bird (Nfc West)
  6. What did Arizona Cardinals went to the super bowl
  7. Who beat them in the super bowl
  8. What was the final score of the super bowl
  9. Who was the Qb in the super bowl
  10. Who is the Cardinals Qb
  11. Who much do you know click now

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