Who knows me best?

Many people may think that they know me pretty dang well..like those people that i have gone to school with for 8 years..well do you really know me all that well..take my quiz and find out jsut how well you do know me.

just to help you out a little bit..some of my questions are really easy..but others are ..well..lets just say I hope you know me..and for those people who have known me for 8 years i hope you know me as well as you think you do

Created by: rachael
  1. How many horses do I have?
  2. What is my boyfriends name?
  3. What is my horses name?
  4. Where do I live?
  5. What is my middle name?
  6. What did my dad want to name me?
  7. How many animals do i have?
  8. Where did I go Christmas of my 8th grade year?
  9. Which uncle took us?
  10. How long have I been at my curent job?
  11. How long have i been with my boyfriend?
  12. How many sibling do I have?
  13. how many of them are boys
  14. what kinda of a car do i drive?
  15. what do my seat covers look like?
  16. What is my oldest horses name?
  17. What color is my car?
  18. and finally.. what type and color of car does my boyfriend drive?

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