Who Knows Jenna the Best??

Ok so i decided to make this and i hope i can put it on myspace because thats what i made it for, to see how well my friends know me and because i like taking these things and seeing how well i know people. So give it a try.

So do you think you can pass my test?? Go ahead, i DARE you. Take it. come on lets see how much you know about me and my family, and how much you listen to me.

Created by: Jenna of myspace
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  1. I went to a concert when I was still in public school. Can you name who I went to see?
  2. What month is my birthday in?
  3. What Animated Disney Character is on my blanket on my bed?
  4. How many birds do I have in my house?
  5. What brand is my Tv? And does it have a video player in it?
  6. What Color are the walls in my room?
  7. How many Brothers and Sisters do I have?
  8. What is my Favorite Drink EVER?
  9. What is my middle name?
  10. What is my Oldest Sister's name?
  11. What is my ADOPTED brother's name?
  12. And last but NOT least. What is my Big Brother's name? I'll give you a hint, I MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY!
  13. Oh and for a bonus 6 points. What is my other sister's name? Not Jordan, and not the oldest but...

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