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A waifu is a fictional female you feel connection to ( over simplification ) almost every veteran weeb has atleast one waifu so i thought why not create a quiz to verify mankinds most desparate and important question...

WHO IS YOUR WAIFU?! Many people have diffrent waifu prenfrences just like prefrences in real life and situations, conditions and circumstance could come with these prefrences but its always good to just relax and think about wether you love rem or emilia

Created by: Esomba

  1. Which dere do you prefer
  2. Which hair coulour do you prefer
  3. How strong should your waifu be
  4. Which type of person are you
  5. Picture yourself in an anime universe, a thung is intetionally frightning and messing with your waifu , what do you do?
  6. Which of these is your favourite genre
  7. Which of these anime has a better plot
  8. Which of these anime has the best waifus
  9. In real life what qualities to you seek in a partner
  10. If you were to die tomorow what would you like to first
  11. Do you already have a waifu?
  12. Which dere type are YOU

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