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This may not be an all accurate quiz but have fun with this an see who your anime waifu is and I hope you do get a good waifu that you will be happy with.

Also I made this while in classso it is a bit rushed I may make another similar quiz but just have fun I made this for me and others to have fun as well.

Created by: Mario

  1. Body type
  2. Activitys?
  3. What´s your Type?
  4. What would do with your waifu?
  5. What is your anime genre preference?
  6. Hair Color?
  7. What do you love about your anime waifu?
  8. What does your Waifu remind you of?
  9. When you think of her what comes to mind?
  10. Favorite Anime?
  11. Final Question?

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