Who is your Percy jackson character?

There are books and authers. Why do people wonder what character they are? They need to know. Fans of books always wonder of what what comes next.Or in this case, what character are you most like?

Who are YOU most like? Do you wonder? You once might have... but now you can take this quiz to find out. WHAT ONE OF THE SEVEN OF THE GREAT PROPHESY ARE YOU?

Created by: NyAnna Beeman

  1. Favorite color?
  2. What do you like to do most on this list?
  3. Who is your favorite Greek god or goddess listed?
  4. Where do you like to be?
  5. Which?
  6. Which?
  7. Who would you rather be related to?
  8. How many times have you read The titains curse?
  9. Which is the best
  10. More important?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Percy jackson character?